Friday, 26 October 2012

Prize Winning Poem - Under 18 Category

Here is the winning poem in the Under 18 Category.  It was written by Meredith Graham from Surrey and she read the poem out herself on the night.

“Known Unto God” by Meredith Graham

 Fields of white and row on row
The sorrow from the ground it grows,
Of wasted youth and missing names,
Through history this war was named as great,
And true,
But all they knew was dark and pain and death and blame.
The air’s now soft, all sounds serene,
And sunlight ‘pon the crosses gleams,
But where I stood was where men fell,
Just puppets under war’s great spell.
No thought but fight, no wish nor will,
For King and Country they would kill.

Such blood was shed, but not in vain,
As our respect shall never wane,
For those who fought and those who lost,
And those who paid the highest cost