Wednesday, 14 November 2018

2018 Anthology Contents For Overseas Adult Poems

Today, we are pleased to reveal the poems that have been included in the 2018 Selected Poems Anthology for Overseas adult entries.

We had hundreds and hundreds of entries for this category this year and the Anthology selection is based on the original "long list" that we used for judging purposes.

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Sister Bullwinkle - Paula Miles, Australia
Those Boys - Teresa Hall, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.
Cesspool Your Name is War - Faleeha Hassan, New Jersey, USA
No Doctor To Cry – Jerusha Hackworth - New South Wales, Australia
Far Back In The Dark - Ogunlade John Oluwaseyi, Lagos, Nigeria
Hiroshima n Nagasaki – Seventy+ Years Since 1945 - Matthew Harris - Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, USA
MOTHER EARTH - Cecilia Mallon – Ontario, Canada
WHEN DID WE LAST LIVE? - Yamberzal – Bahrain
Shell Shock Parasite – Gregory Fino, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Bantering with the Dead Soul - Harshita Lall – Dallas, Texas, USA
SYRIAN DESERT– 2015 - Kevin Le Merle - Paris, France.
Memorials - John Seriot - Aurland, Norway.
HEADSPACE – Emily Dentler - Bad Homburg, Germany
Battle of Bloodriver - Jandrie van Staden ,Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Never Again - Heather McNair – Auckland, New Zealand
BALLAD OF DEMOKRATIA – Pukhraj Neogi - Lucknow, U. P., India
AMBER - Stephen J. Cribari, Minnesota, USA

"Napalm Girl" with Boy - Frank Joussen - Germany
THE CRY OF WOMEN - Temani Nkalolang - Gaborone, Botswana
An Unknown Soldier? – Paul Barrett – Mystic Park, Victoria, Australia
SPLASH AND SILENCE - Kofie Jerry Atta - Ghana
The Silent VC - Jamie Pinnock - Colgne, Germany
HMS REPULSE & HMS PRINCE OF WALES - Jeremy Gadd – Sydney, Australia
Barrow - Julian Aiken – Connecticut, USA
The Martyr’s Shrine - Swati Jha - Pune, India
WAITING - Frank Murdoch, Lamma Island, Hong Kong
Lament for Aleppo - Anne Casey – Northbridge, NSW, Australia
Dissociations Of Thirty Three Degrees - Marcelo Moreira – Salvador, Brazil
To Survive Soul - Milos Simic – Kragujevac, Republic of Serbia
''The trajectory of fingerprints in blood'' - Cristiane Vieira de Farias - São Paulo, Brazil
Rot - Rhiannon Brönnimann - Brussels, Belgium
Where in Hell is God Now? - Henry Spencer - Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.
The Theatre Of War - D.P.G. Sheridan – Gdansk, Poland
a soldier’s legacy - Nico Volkerts – Texel, Netherlands
Breaking Glass - Richard W. Halperin – Paris, France
THE SANDS OF TIME - Dave Pugh – Burgundy, France
Channel One - Richard Hookway - Banpong, Thailand
War is but an Engagement where Good People die… - Clint Hirschfield - Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin. USA
Rush Hour - Shirani Rajapakse – Maharagama, Sri Lanka
Joy At The Front - Joyce Orsini – Leghorn, Tuscany, Italy