PENDLE WAR POETRY COMPETITION - Closing Date 30th September

  1. The competition is FREE to enter and is open to everybody.
  2. You do NOT have to live in Pendle to qualify.
  3. In order to enter, you must submit your poem by email to  , either as a word document attachment or in the body of the message, along with your name, locality (eg John Smith, Barrowford...) and a contact telephone number.
  4. Entrants aged under 18 must get the permission of their parent or guardian before entering the competition and the name and contact phone number of the parent or guardian must be included with the entry.
  5. The poem must be written in the ENGLISH language, be an original work written by you and should not have been published anywhere before.
  6. The poem should have War as its theme and can relate to any era: Ancient Rome, Crusades, Civil War, Napoleonic, Boer War, First World War, Second World War, Korea, Vietnam, Falklands, Middle East – or any other conflict.  It does NOT have to be about fighting and killing and can also reflect political or social aspects of the theme.
  7. The poem should be no more than 40 lines in length.
  8. No swear words or offensive or inflammatory themes are allowed.
  9. All entries must be received by 30th September. Any entry received after that date will not be accepted and will be carried over to the following year's competition.
  10. The poems will be read by our panel of judges and prizes will be awarded in each of the categories.
  11. The winning entrants will each be awarded a free copy of the competition anthology.
  12. The winning poems will be posted on the Pendle War Poetry Competition website and circulated to local media and literary press for the purposes of reporting the result, further promotion of the competition and potential publication
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  15. The top poems, as selected by the judges, will be published in the annual “Pendle War Poetry” Selected Poems anthology.
  16. The writers of the poems selected to go into the anthology will have the option of buying copies for family and friends at a reduced rate. 
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  18. no applicable 
  19. The decision of the panel of judges is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  20. Submission of an entry to the competition implies acceptance of all the conditions listed here. 
No names or contact details of competition entrants will be disclosed to anybody for any purposes, other than the names and localities of the successful entrants as described above.



    It was I who volunteered to go to the battlefields of disrepair,
    where cordite and death hang suffocating in the air,
    the sweet smell of my loved one, like an English rose long past,
    no more the sound of the wind in the woods only the canons blast,
    where once golden meadows of wheat and corn grew so tall,
    there now stands lonely and cold the crosses where comrades fall,
    in this place a letter from home, is is worth more than silver and gold,
    with a resemblance of love, from an eternity far away from this place so cold,
    to those at home, I fight for England's freedom, and we hold so dear,
    warming thoughts of you, keep me going, hoping soon to have you near,
    but on the battlefield of despair, my companion is fear and dread,
    my only prayer is to survive and not come back to you dead,
    as the guns sing out a song that chills me to the bone,
    as the shells explode comrades no more I am left alive, alone,

  2. I have just tried submitting but the email address is not valid according to my email provider.

  3. As stated by Sophie Holmes above, the e-mail address given above is not valid.

  4. The correct e-mail address is given on the Home page (tab at top of this page):