Monday, 22 October 2018

Exciting News About The 2018 Anthology!

We are very excited to announce that, having received so many high quality entries for the 2018 competition (and had many complaints from the judges about how difficult it is to make selections from their lists..!) we have decided to produce TWO anthologies this year so that we can include even more poems.

This year we will produce one anthology for the UK and Ireland Entries and a separate volume for the Under 18 and Overseas Entries.

We don’t list the winners in the anthology book – we prefer people to read the book and pick their own favourites rather than be directed as to what other people thought were the best poems, although all the top poems are, of course, included in the anthology.

The section winners will be announced via the website from 1st November onwards – and we don’t even know who they all are yet as the judges are still sifting through their short-lists!

Winners and placed entrants receive a free copy of the anthology and everybody whose poem is included in the book can buy copies at a reduced rate from us through the website.

An update email will be sent out to all entrants with details of which poems are included in the anthologies and this will also be posted on the website once the results are announced.

For once, we happen to slightly ahead of ourselves with the Anthology this year – rather then slightly behind for a change - and the finished books are already available for sale via Amazon. Please be aware however that these are on sale at the normal retail price and are aimed at the general public rather than competition entrants.

A special sales link will be published on the website where you can order copies at a reduced price - with special offers for multiple orders, back issues etc - so do keep an eye on the website and the Facebook page for more information updates.